Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I just lost respect for Gloria Steinem. Read both the truthdig article and her NYT op-ed. I'm too tired to get into details, but her insistence that gender issues come before race or class issues is a bit offensive, and shows a fundamental self absorption that I can't respect. Let me start by saying that it is amazing that we have both a black and a woman who are not just serious candidates, but the two Dem. frontrunners. However, as an upper-middle class, white woman, she can't say HRC is any more discriminated against than a black man. She buy's into HRC's "experience" lie. O.k. fine, if you are going to discount Obama's experience, then you have to discount Bill Clinton's state experience as governor. And Richardson's. And Huckabee's. And Romney's. And Bush's... Well that should be discounted, it didn't work out so well... but you get my point. Steinem even touts her time as first lady as OTJ training. Bull shit. Be consistent.

Again, I will vote for her if she is the Dem nominee, because we need constitutional triage, but she's not experienced and not a real progressive. She's taken way too much money from the lobbyists. Her husband wasn't either, but was tons better than either Bush he was sandwiched between. Grrr. Sorry. I wish I didn't care about politics....

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