Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take that...

bitches! It's only the end of March and I've already got my Teva tan started:

There's a reason I live in Texas.

Now this is my kind of diet: The Beer Drinkers Diet.

Just to make your skin crawl a little: The top 10 Big-Brother companies.

So, I'm selling my house. I'm going to buy another one in San Marcos, since I'm there all the time anyways. I hate commuting and I'm never here in Austin. It's going to be weird not being in Austin, but hopefully it will help simplify things for me, and since I'm contemplating the PhD program at Texas State, it will be for more than just a year or so. It goes on the market in a couple of weeks, so I've got to get things cleaned up and looking a little nicer. Then I've got to quick find a house in San Marcos. You get a lot more for the money down there, and the rental market is better down there, so I should be able to rent it out after I'm done, if I'm not staying in the area. But the end of May is going to be nerve wracking, normally house closings are at the end of the month. In addition I've got to start doing my own field work and can't miss that sampling at Lake Amistad. Oh yeah, and I've got class work to do also... Sleep, I'll see you in June.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I only wish they could have made fun of Bill Gates with this: iRack

Just got back from Amistad. Good trip, but rough. I want our boat back. Hopefully it will be done by next trip. Not the roughest I've seen it, but in the borrowed boat it felt like it was tamping the lungs into the colon. The first day was nice:

The cabins we stay in used to be part of a TB sanitarium, where people with TB used to go to recover in a dry climate. When the lake was filled in 1968, this building was in the floodplain, so NPS didn't let this building be rebuilt. I like old abandoned buildings. The walk to the building was a hike through a bunch of pokey things.

It will be a shame when the project is over and I don't get to stay here anymore.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's great when republicans get caught in their hypocrisy

We all know Ann Coulter is a homophobe bitch, and the fact that she wasn't booed off stage when she called John Edwards a "faggot" is sickening, but do you really expect anything else from the conservative right? Closed minded goat fuckers. Because of this I think it is great when they get caught not doing their research. Last summer it was Ted Haggard doing speed with a gay prostitute, now it turns out that their latest poster child for the war is a former gay porn star. My bet it that the conservative right starts tripping over themselves to get away from him. They might get gay on them... Where the hell are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

Friday, March 9, 2007

how do people do it...

I don't see how anyone posts daily. Well, I said it would be irregular. Don't expect fully coherent thoughts. The allergies have been kicking my ass the past week. New sudafed just doesn't work. Give me the stuff they make speed out of. At least that shit works...

Anyways, what have I done? Well a couple of trips to Amistad. We had to use another boat last time because our boat's motor died when being used by another group in the department. I won't say he killed it, but it is the second boat that has died on him. Now he has his own. Our boat does get a lot of hard use, so the motor may have been on its way out. Maybe we are lucky that it didn't die when we were in the middle of Amistad and out of cell phone range.

I'm waiting to hear on a grant that will hopefully fund most of my research. They were supposed to make a decision on funding a few weeks ago, but the budget for USGS has been held up. They keep saying we should know in a week. This is how this process goes. Hopefully soon.

This may be the best thing ever: When robotics meet alcoholism.

So we lost a Gallo over the weekend. E & J Gallo, for all their other faults (Thunderbird, bad jug wine...) did help create the US wine industry. He was 97.

So Scooter Libby got convicted. He's a prick, the Republican/Faux News spinmeisters need to be shot, and he didn't take down Cheney. HOWEVER, he is the fall guy. Cheney is the evil one. Fucking shadow president. In twenty years it will come out that he gave bush the black eye, not the stupid pretzel. The fucking neocons are going to destroy the world. They refuse to see beyond their own massive paychecks. And the fundamentalist ones really want to bring on armageddon so they can have their end of days rapture. Sick fucks.