Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take that...

bitches! It's only the end of March and I've already got my Teva tan started:

There's a reason I live in Texas.

Now this is my kind of diet: The Beer Drinkers Diet.

Just to make your skin crawl a little: The top 10 Big-Brother companies.

So, I'm selling my house. I'm going to buy another one in San Marcos, since I'm there all the time anyways. I hate commuting and I'm never here in Austin. It's going to be weird not being in Austin, but hopefully it will help simplify things for me, and since I'm contemplating the PhD program at Texas State, it will be for more than just a year or so. It goes on the market in a couple of weeks, so I've got to get things cleaned up and looking a little nicer. Then I've got to quick find a house in San Marcos. You get a lot more for the money down there, and the rental market is better down there, so I should be able to rent it out after I'm done, if I'm not staying in the area. But the end of May is going to be nerve wracking, normally house closings are at the end of the month. In addition I've got to start doing my own field work and can't miss that sampling at Lake Amistad. Oh yeah, and I've got class work to do also... Sleep, I'll see you in June.

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