Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I don't smoke pot, but I don't think it should be illegal either. It clogs up the justice system, and does less harm than my drug of choice, alcohol. (It just puts me to sleep instantly.) Apparently, there's a former Texas narcotics officer who agrees. He's selling videos about how to hide your stash during a search. He's releasing his second one.

I was going to link to an update of this, but it's dissapeared off the AP site. Hmmm. Anyways, why can't the press (and the Democrats) get some balls, and expose the current administration for what they are: The WORST administration since Nixon, and possibly ever. I was really happy when Jimmy Carter said it, and really upset when he started crawfishing about it. Stick you your guns, man.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's hip-hop about bikes. I'm still really not sure what a "Scraper Bike" is. The Trunk Boiz are from Oakland.

More tech for the lazy alcoholic: The Beerbot. Now I don't even need to pour my own beer. If it will make a whiskey-water then I'm in trouble.

I must admit to feeling a fair bit of schadenfreude about the Paris Hilton fiasco. I've never been in jail, but I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh a little. The poor little rich girl is upset that the law actually applies to her. Yes the sentence is tough, but she was given a second chance with probation. Don't piss off the judge. She's not getting a long sentence because she's famous. She's getting a long sentence for the crime because she though her fame meant she didn't need to obey the terms of her parole. Now can it stop taking up the entire news cycle?

Speaking of cycle. Daniello Di Luca won surprised everyone and won the Giro di Italia. I hope he was clean, because it was a great race. The top climbers in the world tried to crack him, and just couldn't. Gilberto Simoni did the fastest climb (in vertical distance per time) in a race ever. Faster than Armstrong or Pantani ever did. Still Di Luca didn't crack. 23 year old Andy Schleck showed that he may be the future of the sport. Best young rider and second place. For those that don't know, long stage races like the Tour, Giro, and Vuelta, generally don't suit young riders. Being able to race for three weeks at a top level takes some age and maturity.

Not much more to say for tonight...