Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hooray Beer!

Now that the political season is over, it's time for other interests... Here is what I've been drinking lately:

Lagunitas Censored Ale = Dangerously good. It's a great copper ale. Not too sweet. Not over-hopped for the style. Yummy.

Deschutes Brewing Company Black Butte Porter: Nectar of the Gods. This is the best porter EVER. Period. Perfectly balanced. Not too heavy. Recently available in Texas. Now if we can just get AVBC into the state...

Another CA beer recently available in Texas. It's a good example of a Marzen. I'm not sure what makes it different than a Bock, but it sure goes down nice.

It's for a good cause, so I had to pick up a sixer. They are a relatively new brewery out of Fort Worth. A portion of the proceeds goes to protection of endangered and native species. The Texas Blind Salamander is both, and local to where I live. It's o.k., a little sweet and underhopped for my tastes. I want a pale ale to have some bite. Maybe I'm spoiled by my time in NorCal, but Sierra Nevada is a proper pale. It's almost has a belgain flavor with how underhopped it is. Don't be afraid of the hops!

There are a few really good Texas beers which I will get to at some point (Real Brewing Company, Independence Brewing Company, St. Arnolds) and some which I won't since they only serve at the brewery or at bars (wierd Texas laws... Live Oak, North by Northwest, Draught Horse...) and believe it or not, Texas makes awesome vodka (Tito's, Dripping Springs...)

Happy drinking...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'nuff said.

I believe this is from stevemb. If someone knows who to give credit to, I'll gladly correct.