Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just because I think more people should know about some of the craziness behind Scientology:

The Fishman Affidavit

Read about thetans, Xenu, and how he brought us to Teegeeack. Really it's a bunch of gibberish. A poorly written science fiction story. I need to find a reference, but I've been told that Hubbard started the "church" as a joke between him and a friend about how easy it is to get religious tax shelters.

Well, we lost a couple over the weekend. I can't say either of them were "good" people, but they both had a large impact on our world:

James Brown

President Gerald R. Ford

At least Ford was no sata... er, I mean Cheney. Cheney and Kissinger may be the two most evil men alive in our country. I wonder how long it is before Cheney joins Kissinger on war crimes charges? How did such an evil man get the Nobel Peace Prize?

I want Bush impeached as much as anyone, but I don't want them to do it unless they are going to take Cheney down also. I guess Bush is only a heart attack away from actually being president.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm not a big fan of christmas, but I am a fan of bikes (thanks Jilltron).
The Nutcracker Suite played entirely on bicycle parts:

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here's a time waster:

I can't believe this is from Texas. I know the drug war is a total failure, but I'm not sure what to think about this:

Speaking of postitive drug experiences:

Yeah, yeah, I'll figure out how to post the video later. Bill Hicks was the most brilliant comedian of my generation.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Semester is over!

Well, not really a lot to say here. Just the first post