Thursday, February 28, 2008

So, somehow San Marcos and Texas State University made it onto the Obama radar. Last week, a thousand people or so showed up for Ted Kennedy (for comparison only about 100 showed up for Chelsea Clinton earlier this week). Kristen and I waited in line for an hour or so to get in. I figured it was a last chance to see the last one of that generation of Kennedy. We actually got two Kennedy's. One of the grandsons talked briefly. One of the former governors of Texas spoke (Dolf Briscoe I believe (but it might have been Mark White), who is still a muckity-muck in Texas Democratic party, Texas politics, and very spry given his age (89?)). I was most impressed with Lloyd Doggett, as one of the introductory speakers. I'd hate to lose him representing this part of Texas, but he's be a great pick for VP. Ted Kennedy was o.k. He's no master orator, but he still has some fire, even if he forgot that TxState is the Bobcats, and not the bulldogs. At that point I figured that was all we were going to get, and I was impressed that that many students actually know who Ted Kennedy is. It's not every day a Kennedy comes to central Texas.

Then Monday, it was announced that Obama would be here. I was amazed by how many people showed up! I think the unofficial estimates are 10,000 - 13,000. I didn't think that many people in San Marcos would show up for free beer! I'm sure we had people from out of town, but about half the crowd was wearing TxState garb. San Marcos is only 50,000 or so people. Half of them are students. Don't believe me about the crowd? (update: The local paper has the estimate at greater than the expected 15,000. Any street you could possibly see from was packed...)

Whatever you may think about his politics, you have to admit that it is bordering on a movement. I've been voting since we got stuck with Bush I. Even Bill Clinton didn't get this kind of attention, and I remember feeling pretty good about him (my feelings have changed somewhat, which is why I'm not a Hillary supporter. I'll vote for her if she ends up being the nomination, but I don't see that happening at this point.) The crowd was a mix of everyone. Young, old, Black, White, Hispanic..... Hell, it IS a movement.

I have to admit that I have some hesitation with how enthusiastic people are about him. Mainly because I get suspicious when people like the same things I do, and I have to resist the conspiracy buff in me letting me think that he is some sort of Manchurian Candidate. I don't think he is, but I do think we need to stay open about what his faults are and not blindly support him (like Ron Paul supporters do their guy). Dammit, I've been cynical for so long, it's hard to let go. I've grown up with an intense mistrust of politics, and seen how nasty and deceitful the repugnicants are willing to get. My grandparents were the eternal optimists about politics and future generations. Because of the past..., well ever since Reagan, I've been unable to live up to their optimism. I've been so disillusioned with the past two elections that I don't know what to do with actually feeling like he could do some good. Feeling like I am actually voting FOR someone, instead of voting for the lesser of two evils. Fuck. He's getting to me. I just don't want to be disappointed again...

Anyways, I've never seen a political rally this big. I've been to a couple of smaller ones. None were ever that close, and no one cared enough. Hell, the biggest before Ted Kennedy was actually in Mexico, and by accident. Last night, we ended up being about 15m from the stage. I don't get star struck much. I've met musicians and sports stars. They're regular people. I have to say, that I'm a little in shock having been that close to who I want to believe will be the next president. Dare I hope? Can he repair the damage done by the current administration? Will people believe that the government can work for the people and not Exxon/Mobil/Shell/GM/Halliburton/Boeing/Lockheed? Could this be the moment where we live up to the challenge of JFK and RFK? We lost 40 years of progress because of RFK's assassination, can we finally get back on track?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's my favorite city I could never live in...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Any time a Republican tells you they are the party of fiscal responsibility, mention this. Then tell them to go away.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Because alien cattle abduction is a growing problem....

Yes, it is the most retarded exercise machine ever.

No you shouldn't listen to everything in the bible. Sometimes it's just bad advice.