Sunday, March 25, 2007

I only wish they could have made fun of Bill Gates with this: iRack

Just got back from Amistad. Good trip, but rough. I want our boat back. Hopefully it will be done by next trip. Not the roughest I've seen it, but in the borrowed boat it felt like it was tamping the lungs into the colon. The first day was nice:

The cabins we stay in used to be part of a TB sanitarium, where people with TB used to go to recover in a dry climate. When the lake was filled in 1968, this building was in the floodplain, so NPS didn't let this building be rebuilt. I like old abandoned buildings. The walk to the building was a hike through a bunch of pokey things.

It will be a shame when the project is over and I don't get to stay here anymore.

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