Friday, March 9, 2007

how do people do it...

I don't see how anyone posts daily. Well, I said it would be irregular. Don't expect fully coherent thoughts. The allergies have been kicking my ass the past week. New sudafed just doesn't work. Give me the stuff they make speed out of. At least that shit works...

Anyways, what have I done? Well a couple of trips to Amistad. We had to use another boat last time because our boat's motor died when being used by another group in the department. I won't say he killed it, but it is the second boat that has died on him. Now he has his own. Our boat does get a lot of hard use, so the motor may have been on its way out. Maybe we are lucky that it didn't die when we were in the middle of Amistad and out of cell phone range.

I'm waiting to hear on a grant that will hopefully fund most of my research. They were supposed to make a decision on funding a few weeks ago, but the budget for USGS has been held up. They keep saying we should know in a week. This is how this process goes. Hopefully soon.

This may be the best thing ever: When robotics meet alcoholism.

So we lost a Gallo over the weekend. E & J Gallo, for all their other faults (Thunderbird, bad jug wine...) did help create the US wine industry. He was 97.

So Scooter Libby got convicted. He's a prick, the Republican/Faux News spinmeisters need to be shot, and he didn't take down Cheney. HOWEVER, he is the fall guy. Cheney is the evil one. Fucking shadow president. In twenty years it will come out that he gave bush the black eye, not the stupid pretzel. The fucking neocons are going to destroy the world. They refuse to see beyond their own massive paychecks. And the fundamentalist ones really want to bring on armageddon so they can have their end of days rapture. Sick fucks.

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