Tuesday, January 22, 2008

File under no-shit-sherlock. If the media had been doing their job then, we might not be involved in the clusterfuck of Iraq.

Normally they give us stories like this. Do ya' think that getting in shape might reduce your death risk? Certainly not.

At least Grandpa Fred dropped out of the Republican race, and Mitt Romney thinks he's down with the brother-man. Who let the dogs out, indeed.

I hope you don't think there will ever be any real justice in the Enron case. You remember them. The accountants cooked the books in collusion with the banks, they artificially jacked up energy prices and caused energy shortages in CA in the form of rolling blackouts. They folded and $30 BILLION dollars (much in pension investments) was lost. At least one of their top executives committed suicide as I recall (I could be wrong). I guess it was all fake money anyways...

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