Friday, December 26, 2008

We had a small dinner for the baby jebus day. I don't go much for the holiday, but I do love the food. If you are tired of dry cornbread I have two tips: 1) Cook it in a cast iron, and 2) use this recipie: Texas Home Cooking, JalapeƱo Cornbread (Jamison and Jamison, 1993, p. 318). It needs no extra oil or butter. It's moist. It's cheesy. It's full of sweet corn. It's yummy. It's the best stuff ever.

I did up a duck for dinner. It came out fucking awesome. I just put some lime, and sage in the body cavity, and surrounded the quacker with red and fingerling potatoes, carrots, shallots, and chicken stock. I did it in the cast iron so that I could use the drippings for gravy, which may be the most wonderful gravy ever. Before:


After 3 hours:

I don't have any pics of the gravy, or Naomi's avacado pie, but they were amazing. It's a good thing I don't eat like this all the time....

As if a picture of gravy would be any good....

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