Saturday, December 20, 2008

I was out in the field last week, and most of the fish we caught were about this size. This was a darter from the San Gabriel River. I forget exactly what species.

Then we got this one. This was a 1m flathead catfish that we got in a shallow little eddy. It doesn't seem like a river this size should have very many of these. The pics below are of it's mouth, which was huge, and of the little sunfish which was nearly eaten. I would have liked to get a sample from him, but I couldn't bring myself to take this fish for the less than 5 grams of sample that I needed. I should have clipped the adipose fin, but didn't think of it in time...

At the final site for this week's sampling, we found this. What would 14 boxes of pseudoephedrine, with no more than two boxes of any given brand be used for? Hmmm, I wonder. Meth anyone? I will not miss Tehuacana Creek. I feel violated every time I go there.

There's something in the water in Waco (well lithium, but I'm not so sure there isn't something else). I can see a West and South or East and North, or another combination of 90° off direction highways. But really, North and South on the same stretch of road, when you are travelling either due North or South?

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