Sunday, July 15, 2007

So, I was listening to NPR a couple of days ago, and they were talking about a Bush press conference where he was talking about the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda, and Helen Thompson (Thomas?), the senior White House correspondent that the bushies tried to kick out of the front row a couple of years ago, said (and I believe I have the quote right), "Mr. President, you do realize that Al Qaeda wan't in Iraq until we were, don't you?" She rules. I haven't been able to find a video of it, but I wan't one. I don't think he does realize it. If he does, he doesn't care. Or Cheney doesn't care. Both of those goat-fuckers need to be impeached. They've done so much to deserve it. Crimes against the constitution. At least some are starting to call for it with Cheney.

I can't believe that anyone believes anything that comes out of their mouths. Chertof's "hunch" that Al Qaeda is planning something. The recent report that they are stronger than since 9/11. My hunch is: bullshit! I'm not surprised that Faux News is really biting on that one. They should be strung up for not stopping at Afghanistan.

More crap from the bushies: The former Surgeon General says he was muzzled. He had to mention Bush at leas three times per speech. Additionally, he was told not to go to the Special Olympics, because the Kennedy's were involved and you wouldn't want to help "those people". Excuse me. It's the Special Olympics. It's supposed to transcend politics. I guess nothing does with those jackasses.

I love it when right wingers who make their careers get caught in their hypocrisy. David Vitters (R-La) was one of the DC Madame clients. In my best Nelson voice: Ha Ha!

Speaking of the Simpsons, the movie comes out soon. I think it will be a trip up to Austin to the Alamo Drafthouse. Why every movie theater isn't on this model is beyond me. Food and beer during the movie... Mmmmmm. Beer.

So the Tour de France is about to get interesting. We've been through the first week of crashes and are hitting the mountains. Tomorrow might see some fireworks, but Tuesday and when they hit the Pyrenees next weekend, things should shake up a bunch. I don't think Levi's going to do it, although he's got a chance. Vino would certainly be an interesting winner. Back in the day he used to attack just for the hell of it. Exciting to watch, but not going to win the Tour. I'd like to see it happen. Cadel Evans? The first Aussie winner? Maybe.


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