Thursday, July 19, 2007

College Republicans are soooooo stoopid. The depth of their hypocrisy knows no bounds:

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If you go to the post you'll see a number of comments still blaming Nader. Let's get this straight people: Yes, I believe it was 3% of Floridians voted for Nader, enough for Gore to have overcome the election fixing that the Repugnicans did. However, there is no telling if all of them would have voted for Gore, had Nader not been in the race. I believe the blame lies squarely on the 12% of DEMOCRATS who voted for Bush! (oh, and on Gore, and 4 years later, Kerry for running completely incompetent campaigns) So let's stop blaming Nader, and start looking at the quality of the candidates we've chosen over the past 30 years:
Carter: his presidency is considered by many to be a failure (not me), but he is by far the most socially active living ex-president. (score = +1)
Mondale: can you say boring incompetent campaign? (score = -1)
Dukakis: again, can you say boring incometent campaign? (score = -1)
Clinton: o.k. not boring, charismatic, quite probably and ass hole, but he was our ass hole (read Hunter Thomson's "Better than Sex")(score = +1)
Gore: Boring! No one to blame but himself. Probably not an ass hole. Florida election was fixed (score = -1)
Kerry: Boring. Smart, but boring. Ohio election was fixed (score = -1)

So that's 2:1 boring. The sheep are a lot more accepting of a charismatic dick head, than a boring nice guy.

The current crop will most likely shake up, since career ending dirt will almost certainly be dug up on somebody, since they're starting the campaign well over a year before the election. Hillary doesn't have anything close to Bill's charm. I also think there are far better feminist candidates who are male. She's too much like Feinstein, and I don't trust either of them. Obama's got the charm, but a lack of experience on the national scale (not that W had any experience other than running an oil company, a baseball team, and a state into the ground.) I think this country is still way to bigoted to elect a black candidate. Edwards... something just feels wrong about him. Richardson doesn't have the name recognition. The little bit I know about him I like, but again not charismatic enough to pull himself out of the hole he's starting off in. Kucinich looks like a cartoon character, but he does have a young, attractive wife, with a tongue piercing. The rest of them I don't know. I'd like to see an Obama/Richardson ticket (in either order), but that would need a lot of people overcoming their racism against blacks and Mexicans.

If you really want to be scared about our world go here. So much of it has already happened.

Mountain bikers are doing well so far this year at the Tour. Rassmussen is in the lead (Former world champion mountain biker) Cadel Evans is positioned well going into Saturday's time trial, and the Pyrenees on Sunday. Right now I'd say the top 9 all have a shot, but Rassmussen needs to get a whole lot more time ahead, because the Chicken does not have a good history with time trials. Leipheimer will have to step it up in the next mountain stages. He's probably the best time-trialist in the top 9, but he's going to have to crack some of his competitors and at least finish with the leaders on all of the mountain stages. I don't know if the French will put up with a third American in a row winning the Tour.

And just in case you thin the bible is all good, go here.


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