Thursday, April 17, 2008

So I'm trying not to get too distracted by the political BS right not. I'm in the midst of writing my thesis, and I have to give a 45min talk tomorrow... But FUCK ABC!!!!!!!! It took them an hour to get to any question of any substance. Stephaclintonopolis was a former high level Clinton (Bill) staffer, and he was allowed to be a moderator?! Fuck them. He took notes from an interview with Hannity. Fuck them. Obama isn't connected to the Weather Underground. It's a total republican smear. Hannity is a white supremacist jackass who Fox gives a show. He brought the flag pin "issue" up again. What the fuck?!!! First off, a flag pin really is the least you can do. Secondly, why is Obama's patriotism being questioned when Hillary wasn't wearing one either. It's a bullshit manufactured issue. You hypocritical pieces of shit don't deserve to be called journalists! I hope you rot. Both ABC and Fox. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.

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