Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaking of campaign/media shenanigans...

Obama has been getting all sorts of bad press about his association with a nutjob preacher, who is black, so therefore speaks for all of the scary black people (according to MSM).

Huckabee was a candidate for president for 14 months and is a former Southern Baptist preacher, yet wouldn't release his sermons. He doesn't believe in evolution. He supports the anti-gay marriage amendment. He supports the overturn of Roe v. Wade. He thinks the constitution should be changed to make it in-line with the Bible. He doesn't believe in the separation of church and state.

McCain has support from John Hagee and considers Rod Parsley his spiritual advisor. Let's look at Hagee first: Hagee thinks the Catholic church is a "whore" and false religion. He believes in the end days prophecy and that we are nearing them. Now Parsley: He believes that Islam is a "false religion" and that we are at war with them. He makes no distinction between Islamic moderates, and the whackjobs who have warped it into justification for terrorism. (Don't they see their hypocrisy? No of course not...) He believes that Planned Parenthood can be likened to Nazi's. He thinks that we should be prosecuting people for adultery. McCain hasn't had to distance himself from either of these nutjobs.

During the Reagan and Bush I era (as well as Nixon), the Reverend Billy Graham was a regular visitor to the Whitehouse and spiritual adviser. Graham was a confirmed anti-Semite.

My point is that if the MSM is going to take Obama to task about this, then they need to do the same with the conservative white repugnicants who are pushing this shit. I think it is a problem, that religion has made it's way into our politics so insidiously. Any church that promotes political candidates should immediately lose their tax free status. No questions. Religion has to leave our political discourse. Separation of church and state should be absolute. If you can't separate your religious views from your political behavior, then you need to get out of office. NOW. How have conservatives made religion a litmus test for office? I hate them.

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