Saturday, December 1, 2007

So the people who wrote this test don't know percentages. I got every question right with no extra hints. How is that 98%:


I am 100% alcoholic god dammit! How dare they take that 2% away! Or maybe I just know way too much about alcohol...

So I've been hearing way too much about Ron Paul. Please. He is a conservative fucktard who just happens to talk about getting out of Iraq and being fiscally responsible (in that uniquely Republican way which involves cutting social and environmental funding, yet keeping big business subsidy) He's a trojan. He represents Galveston which is not a bastion of liberalism in Texas. He's accepted money from, which is a white supremacist web site; David Duke supports him; He doesn't think we ratified the 16th Amendment... Uggggggh. He wants to take the federal government back to the days of Reagan, because that worked so well. How long will we be paying for the savings and loan scandal? It's still gonna be a long time.

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country cousin said...

Hmm.. Yeah, you got robbed. I scored a 95 and you are way more than 3% more of an alcoholic than I am!